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Simplify your life and have full control over the delivery of your projects.

Project Managers work with K-Ops software

You’re tired of

  • Delays caused by poor communication;

  • The inability to see clearly what is missing or what needs to be done according to your priorities;

  • Having difficulty in obtaining accurate and up-to-date information;

  • The phenomenal amount of emails to be processed daily;

  • Not finding the desired information quickly;

  • Having information scattered and lost on your project;

  • Overwork caused by non-unified processes;

  • Performing the same repetitive tasks with no added value;

  • To be stuck working with in for your tracking;

  • Not having the right tools in your hands to do your job effectively?

You would like to

  • Save a minimum of 5 hours per week;

  • Reduce the amount of email to be processed by 60%;

  • Work with centralized, up-to-date and quickly accessible data;

  • Be able to make informed decisions;

  • Save time in the execution of your tasks and avoid repetitions;

  • Have an adapted tool for tracking shop drawings;

  • Overwork caused by non-unified processes;

  • Deliver your projects with unparalleled quality;

  • Work with simple, intuitive and efficient tools;

  • Have fun in what you do?

K-Ops, an obvious choice


Simplify your life.

A project manager spends on average 14 hours a week planning and attending meetings, not to mention hours on the phone and answering emails. Rather than chasing everyone for information, let the information come to you.

Simplify your life with K-Ops
K-Ops software for construction

Stay on top of it.

Thanks to our various modules, you will be able to keep control over all the QA tasks and actions in order to ensure impeccable project delivery.

  • Visualize the work progress and proof of execution using the various visual components of the dashboard.
  • Have detailed traceability of the entire life cycle of each of the records made including “who”, “what” and “when”.
  • Manage, filter and organize your lists of equipment, issues and queries.
  • Ensure rigorous tracking and accountability with workflows that adjust to your own approval processes.

Done with repetitive tasks.

You didn’t go to school all these years just to fill out reports, update Excel files, answer emails and run after information. K-Ops supports you and helps you in your daily management.

  • Get notified in real time by email and on your mobile device of any changes to your project.
  • Reply with comments or attach documents directly to your email notifications in order to have them organized automatically in K-Ops.
  • Upload your photos directly from the mobile application, no more waiting until the end of the day and having to transfer everything.
  • Generate detailed reports, according to your selected filters, with a click of a button and share them easily.
  • Most importantly, enjoy using a simple, intuitive and powerful tool.
K-Ops for Project Managers

“K-Ops leads to better work quality, facilitating collaboration, communication and standardizing processes.Ultimately, it makes my job much easier because I have access to the latest data on the work progress to support my decisions for future actions that will bring the project to completion.”

Project Manager

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