In the construction industry, a RFI (Request For Information) is used to collect all necessary information regarding specifications, plans, contracts or other documents. It is an official document which can have a huge impact on the planning and budget of your project if not handled properly.

RFIs can be used for many reasons.

  • Mainly for additional information
  • Or when clarification is needed before a task can be undertaken.

It can be produced at all stages of a construction project (from design to completion).

About K-Ops

Collaborate with the various project stakeholders to easily exchange information and receive the necessary answers quickly for successful project execution.

  • Decide who can access the query module.
  • Each stakeholder responds to the requests assigned to them.

You can involve stakeholders and assign tasks or responsibilities to each query and ensure that the work is done on time. Moreover, thanks to the mobile application, you never lose sight of the status of each of your equipment that requires attention.

K-Ops allows the project team to centralize all important information and have an overview over what needs to be addressed quickly.

Our software will facilitate the process of requesting information and avoid delays and disputes in your project. To save time and money.

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